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Enhanced Sensitivity
  Enhanced Sensitivity  
  Model: NF-4  
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  NF-4 is a newly launched model in 2016.  This detector has an enhanced sensitivity in regard to the conventional needle detector in the marketplace.  0.8mm ferrous sphere can be detected with an aperture height of 120mm.  The aperture is now bigger but the sensitivity remains high. This detector is ideal for clothing industries meeting all leading world-class retailers' requirement.

  • Cycled, 8 pairs of magnetic sensor, excellent anti-disturbance performance
  • High accuracy detection locating technology
  • Use LCD display technology with Chinese & English user interface
  • Level setup indication and real-time sensitivity display
  • Optional conveying mode after alarm is triggered
  • Optional automatic conveyor restart
  • Reliability mechanical frame design, highly stable during detection
  • Designed for universal AC power supply, switching power supply
  • Optional printer reporting

  • Model: NF-4
  • Detection method: Magnetic induction 
  • Detection sensitivity: ø 0.8mm (center of aperture)
  • Sensitivity adjustment: max. 100 steps per channel
  • Detection Height: 120mm (standard)
  • Detection Width: 600mm
  • Alarm method: Buzzer
  • Belt speed: 24m/min 
  • Power source: AC100-240V 50-60HZ 
  • Rated output: 90W 
  • Dimension: 1650mm(L) x 1050mm(W) x 970mm(H) 
  • Net Weight: 240Kg

Detection Height    Detection Sensitivity
120mm Fe              ø0.8 mm (Standard)
150mm Fe              ø1.0 mm
200mm Fe              ø1.5 mm