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Digitized Miniature
  Digitized Miniature  
  Model: NF-124  
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  The Brand-new Miniature Needle Detector

Perfectly designed for garment trims and small apparel products. e.g. zipper, button, buckle, tags, gloves, scarf, embroidery badge, baby shoes, underwear, bib, socks, toys, etc.

This MINIATURE needle detector aims for screening of garment trims as long as needle detection policy is in place and for daily product inspection in both office space or workplace with its digitized signal display.

Digitized metal signal: provides the best information (i.e. the magnitude) of the product being tested. The magnitude of the metal signal is used in stating the size/scale of the ferrous signal of the trims or garments. It offers much more benefit than just indicating the tested product either PASSED or FAILED.

Features: Product learn, threshold setting, product counter, password protection, conveyor belt auto-retract, auto-start, belt self-calibration, immune to magnetic disturbances, metal locating indicator

  • Model : NF-124
  • Detection method : Magnetic induction
  • Sensitivity: 0.8mm ferrous sphere diameter
  • Detection height: 100mm
  • Detection width: 300mm
  • Alarm method: Buzzer, belt stop & retract
  • Belt speed: 40m / min (60Hz)
  • Power supply: 110-230V / 50-60Hz / single phase
  • Rated output: 120W
  • Dimension (mm): L 1050 x W 770 x H 460
  • Weight: 130 kg