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Chute System
  Chute System  
  Model: NF-148  
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  The needle detector NF-148 detects the broken needles, iron nail, iron wire and other metal pieces left inside toys, handbags, footwears, etc.

  1. Highly immune to magnetic disturbances. Sensitivity is stable and reliable.
  2. Using chute system, no moving parts, maintenance free.
  3. Product count recording total pass and rejects
  4. Sensitivity selction for big or small products.
  5. Metal locating function can precisely locate the metal contaminant found on products.
  6. Automatic audio and visual alarm
  1. Detecting method:Magnetic induction
  2. Detecting width:350mm
  3. Detecting height:200mm
  4. Detecting adjustment:Stepless adjustment
  5. Detecting ability:FeΦ1.2mm steel
  6. Alarm method:Buzzer and the alarm indicator twinkles
  7. Power supply:AC220V,50Hz
  8. Rated output:(appr.)30W
  9. Dimension:980(L)×730W)×1210(H)mm
  10. Weight:(appr.)190Kg