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Tabletop metal detector
  Tabletop metal detector  
  Model: FT-500  
  Model: FT-500

1. 8 segments Led monitor identifies the exact location of unwanted metal contaminants
2. 6 steps sensitivity adjustment.
3. ABS-plastic shell.
4. Anti-static cover.
5. Touch-button integrated control panel.
6. Designed for universal AC power supply (full range).
7. SMD technology.

1.Detection method: Magnetic induction
2. Detection sensitivity: Max 110mm height by steel needle(ø0.6*L33)
3. Detection adjustment: 6steps
4. Detection Width: 160*500mm
5. Alarm method: Buzzer、Lamp
6. Power source: AC85-265V 45-65HZ
7. Rated output: Appr10W
8. Dimension: 400mm(L)*680mm(W)*70mm(H)
9. Weight: 11Kg

▲ The specification is under standard test condition. The sensitivity depends on the working condition. We have no responsibility that metal chips come out after detecting under non-standard condition.