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out of production
  out of production  
  Model: Judge II  
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  ** This product is out of production**
has taken the decision to stop the manufacture and sales of this model in 2015, which is now replaced by Judge QC.


Model: Judge II
Configuration: D65, TL84/U30, INCA, UV, CWF (5 light sources)
Weight: 22.7Kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 673x555x521mm
Light Tube Length: 600mm (24")

  • The most commonly used Lightbox in the business in the US (e.g. GAP, etc.)
  • D65 lamp for the patented products, high color-rendering index
  • Internal and low-gloss standard Munsell gray (N7) for the background
  • The main application for use in the textile, paint, ink, printing, plastics, etc.
  • The nation's largest manufacturer of professional standards for the production of light

Source Description
  • D65 CIE D65 average northern sunlight, color temperature: 6500K Power: 20W (optional D75 or D50)
  • TL84 European shops light sources, color temperature: 4000K Power: 18W (optional U30)
  • INCA tungsten, display window lighting, color temperature: 2856K Power: 75W
  • UV light source of Ultra-Violet, wavelength: 365nm Power: 20W
  • CWF cool white fluorescent in U.S. stores, color temperature: 4150K Power: 20W