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Light Booth
  Light Booth  
  Model: SpectraLight QC  
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  Brand: X-Rite

Model: SpectraLight QC (SPL QC)

  • Light souce configuration: D65, UV, A(=Inca), Horizon + Any 3 lights* (total: 7 light sources)
  • * Any 3 choices of CWF / U30 / U35 / TL83 / TL84
  • Net weight: 68 kg
  • Booth Dimensions (W x H x D): 940x700x610mm
  • Light Tube Length: 90cm (36")
Packing details:
  • Carton #1/2 (SPL QC Luminaire)
    • N.W. 46 kg / G.W. 60 kg
    • MEAS: 1085 x 805 x 420mm
  • Carton #2/2 (SPL QC Booth)
    • N.W. 22 kg / G.W. 29 kg
    • MEAS: 1005 x 750 x 200mm
From X-Rite’s lighting products, SpectraLight QC marks a new evolution in visual color assessment. This holistic solution includes a data-driven back-end that carefully monitors the performance and condition of lamps as well as a system to educate and certify operators.

Product Features:
  • Highest quality natural daylight available with unique filtered tungsten daylight simulation
  • Adjustable lux with built-in lux meter to comply with ASTM AND AATCC standards
  • Automatic voltage adjustment to maintain proper lux to compensate for age and wear throughout the usable life of the lamps
  • Faster fluorescent lamp stabilization
  • Built-in sensors monitor and correct UV output to maintain inter-instrument agreement
  • Ability to create and store Brand Owner profile settings
  • Reporting and data tracking
  • X-Rite Visual Color Assessment Institute
  • User software provided for easy programming and report generating
** Press release:  X-Rite acquired Pantone in 2007