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  Model: NF-2D  
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  Double detection provides ultra security of detection coping with potentially adverse orientation of needle direction in the garment products.

This needle detector NF-2D detects the broken needles, shoes nail, iron wire and other metal pieces left inside toys, garments, textile, shoes, etc.

Features: product counter, conveyor belt auto-retract / auto-start and metal locating indicator

1. Detecting method:Magnetic induction
2. Detecting width:600mm
3. Detecting height:100mm
4. Detecting adjustment:0-10 steps adjustment
5. Detecting ability:Ф0.8mm ferrous sphere
6. Alarm method:Buzzer 
7. Belt speed:40m/min (60Hz)
8. Power supply:AC220V,50-60Hz
9. Rated output:140W
10. Dimension:2300(L) × 1170(W) × 960(H)mm
11. Weight:240Kg

* Remarks: ON/OFF SWTICH is fitted to deactivate the first detector head while calibrating the second detector head whenever desired.  The on/off switch must be resumed to its original position after calibration.

Detection Height    Detection Sensitivity
100mm Fe             ø0.8mm (Standard)
120mm Fe             ø1.0mm
150mm Fe             ø1.2 - 1.5mm
200mm Fe             ø1.5 - 2.0mm