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out of production
  out of production  
  Model: SpectraLight III  
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  ** This product is out of production**
has taken the decision to stop the manufacture and sales of this model from early 2014, which is now replaced by SpectraLight QC.

Brand: X-Rite

Model: SpectraLight III
Configuration: D65, TL84/U30, UV, A, CWF, Horizon (6 light sources)
Weight: 82 kg
Viewing Booth Dimensions (W x H x D): 940x699x620mm

The unrivaled standard for accurate color evaluation, the SpectraLight III uses unique filtered tungsten technology delivering the world's most accurate simulation of natural daylight in a standard size viewing booth. SpectraLight III features SmartLogic technology and other innovative features designed to increase productivity and accelerate throughout with faster and more accurate color approvals.

Product Features:
  • Unique filtered tungsten halogen daylight simulation provides the most accurate rendering of daylight
  • Six different light sources including Daylight (choice of D50, D65, or D75), Horizon (2300K), incandescent (150 watt), Cool White Fluorescent (4150K), Ultraviolet (Filtered Near UV) and choice of either U30 (3000K), U35 (3500K) or TL84
  • Ultraviolet source can be used by itself or in combination with any of the light sources
  • User controllable digital display allows you to easily program a sequence of different light sources for hands free viewing
  • Conforms to or exceeds all major international standards for visual evaluation of color including: ASTM D1729, ISO3664, DIN, ANSI and BSI